Your Guide to Navigating the Residential Claims Process

As soon as you notice property damage, it’s vital to hop on the situation and address it. The longer damages, whether it be water, mold, wind, or fire, sit there, the worse it gets. Sometimes, some property damages even lead to other types. We understand the residential claims process can be overwhelming at times; however, getting it done should be a priority. If you have never filed a residential claim before, rest assured that it’s not as bad as it seems. And if you end up needing assistance or having no time to get it done, keep in mind that our team of Florida public adjusters is here to help.


Contacting the Insurance Company and a Public Adjuster


The first thing you need to do is let the insurance company know that you have property damage. During this call, you will also want to ask them to send over your policy if you do not have it handy. Next, you will want to contact a public adjuster. The insurance claim isn’t always a rough process to navigate. However, it can be time-consuming, and you will likely run into some obstacles. Having a public adjuster on your side will get everything done smoothly and quickly. It will also take a lot of stress off your shoulders.


Reviewing the Insurance Policy


Now that you have called everyone you need to contact, you can move on to the insurance policy. This step in the process is where many people get tripped up. The insurance policy is more than likely long and confusing. Some of the words and sentences may seem like jargon. You might also find that you do not have the time to get through the entire document in one sitting. Some people even find that after reading through it, they still have so many questions. The best thing to do is save your time and have our South Florida public adjusters read through it for you. We can get through the document quickly then summarize it for you. Our team of public adjusters works with aggressive insurance language all of the time. Because of this, we can get through the insurance policy fairly quickly, saving you time.


Filing the Insurance Claim


Now that we know what is and is not in your insurance policy, we can move on to the claim. The insurance claim part is another one that people tend to dislike. However, it’s arguably, the most critical part. Without the insurance claim, the insurance company has no clue what is wrong with your property. It’s this claim, along with any photo or video evidence, that tells the whole story. It gives your insurance company the complete picture and can help them help you. That is why the insurance claim needs to reach the insurance company and be correct. Any errors on the insurance claim could result in less compensation. And while our team can appeal the final amount, it’s always better to get it right the first time. That is the beauty of working with a public adjuster.


Communications with the Insurance Company


Once the claim is submitted, it does not end there. Too often do people think they are out of the woods. But not quite yet. The insurance claims process ends when you get the correct amount in the form of a check. The good news is that once the claim is submitted, you are over the worst part. All that’s left is communicating with the insurance company. They might call and email asking questions about the claim or your property damage. Phone calls are not nearly as time-consuming as the policy review and claim; however, some people do not have the extra time to give. When that’s the case, we are here to help. We can wrap up the residential claim for you by handling all communication.


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As soon as you notice property damage, the best thing to do is follow our guide and contact both the insurance company and our team. The claims process isn’t horrible, but it can get lengthy. There are many steps, and it requires you to be meticulous. If it’s not something you want to deal with, we don’t blame you! That’s what our Florida public adjusters are for. Get a free claims assessment today at Tri-County Public Adjusters when you call (561) 924-1671.

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