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When Is it Time to File a Fire Damage Claim?

When an accidental fire strikes, the destruction of your home and property can be devastating. Your first priority needs to be you and your family’s safety. Once everyone is safe, then you need to call 911 to have the fire put out safely. Not only will the fire itself cause extensive damage, but the smoke created by the fire can cause further damage to your belongings. If your home has been devastated by fire damage, Tri-County Public Adjusters is here to help! By having one of Tri-County Public Adjusters’ public insurance adjusters, someone will get the financial compensation they deserve from insurance companies. To learn about how we fight for you, continue reading!

Fire and Smoke Claims in Florida

Fire damage can result from many things, including

Our Public Adjuster Can Help!

Whatever the cause of your fire damage, you should call the public insurance adjusters with the skills and experience you need to succeed with your insurance claim. Both homeowners and business owners in Palm Beach County have someone on their side when smoke and fire damage occurs to their home when they hire Tri-County Public Adjusters. 

When a fire gets out of hand, no matter the severity of damages, the cleanup effort is a massive one. Both time-consuming and costly, smoke and fire damage can put homeowners in Palm Beach County in a bind. It can also be difficult to gauge when or how to submit a damage claim to your insurance company without any guidance. The insurance company may take an excessive amount of time to process your claim and may even go back on certain policies making it harder for you to get the money you need to recover. Don’t deal with the run-around with insurance companies, let the experienced public adjusters at Tri-County Public Adjusters take care of the entire claims process for you.


Don’t Risk It

Without a skilled public insurance adjuster on your side, you may be playing paddleball with your insurance company, going back and forth for weeks without any progress. Only the team at Tri-County Public Adjusters is ready to help you get the money you’re owed quickly and paid in full. Our team will inspect, analyze, and summarize the smoke and fire damages so you can have an accurate total amount you should be receiving from the insurance company. Don’t spend time waiting for the insurance companies to help you out, call a public insurance adjuster who can help you with a fire damage claim today!


After a fire, you need someone with years of experience and a dedication to the public who will accurately inspect and compute the damage costs. This reason is why your first call after the Palm Beach County fire department needs to be to Tri-County Public Adjusters for a public insurance adjuster! No matter the severity of the fire or damages that occurred, our team at Tri-County Public Adjusters will represent you when an insurance company gets stingy with the money you’re owed. 


Contact Us Today!

Tri-County Public Adjusters is a premier public insurance adjuster in Palm Beach County, FL, and we will fight for you to get what you deserve. Whether your claim is on your residential property or your business’ office in Palm Beach County, call Tri-County Public Adjusters right away for a free inspection. No matter if your damages are large or small, Tri-County Public Adjusters provides professional insurance claim representation to help you get the compensation you need. Call Tri-County Public Adjusters today for your cost, and no obligation claims consultation at (561)924-1671.

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