Public Adjuster Facts for Every Policyholder

Damages caused by roof leaks, hurricanes, or fires are always stressful. Not only do you experience damage to your personal belongings, but you must now submit a claim and go through the insurance claims process. 

Filing a claim is the only way you will determine the value of your personal belongings and get reimbursement from your insurance company. When filing residential insurance claims in Florida, you can use the insurance company’s adjuster, or you can hire a public adjuster

But which should you choose and how do you pick one?

We take a close look at the insurance claim process and whether you should hire a public adjuster or use the insurance adjuster assigned to you. Keep reading to learn more!

What Does a Public Adjuster Do? 

The public adjuster is hired by the policyholder and works strictly on their behalf. A policyholder can hire a public adjuster to help them begin the claims process, when they believe the insurance company gave them a low reimbursement, or when their previous claim was denied. 

A public adjuster can reopen the case and reevaluate the property loss. The language found in insurance policies can be tricky, but public adjusters are well versed in complex policies.

The insurance claim process, from start to finish, can be taxing on the policyholder. Additionally, due to their inexperience, there is a strong possibility that the policyholder may complete a form incorrectly. This can result in a lower reimbursement from the insurance company, and possibly a denied claim.

Essentially, a public adjuster is a safety net when filing residential insurance claims in Florida. The PA will assist the policyholder in filing the claim correctly, negotiating with contractors and the insurance company, and ensure the process goes quickly and smoothly.

Public Adjuster vs Insurance Company Adjuster 

Much like the public adjuster, the insurance company adjuster will come to your home and survey the damage. After their evaluation, they will provide a cost for the necessary repairs. However, the insurance company adjuster does not work for you – they work for your insurance provider. So they may not always see damages to the extent that you do.

Even if you think you can trust your insurance provider, it’s common for these companies to try to save money any way they can, which ultimately meaning reducing the payout. Again, the insurance company adjuster works to satisfy the insurance provider, not you. 

This scenario is not always the case, but it is a strong possibility.

On the other hand, if you use a PA after filing residential insurance claims in Florida, you gain peace of mind. With the PA comes the knowledge that this is a person who:

  • Continuously updates his/her training to maintain their Florida public adjuster license.
  • Is highly knowledgeable in the fields of construction and contracting.
  • Can accurately prepare estimates as to the value of the damaged property and personal belongings.
  • Can help negotiate the insurance claim with the insurance company.

How to Choose a Public Adjuster

If you decide to hire a public adjuster, it’s recommended to do so early in the claim process. That way, you don’t have to deal with the insurance company adjuster if you don’t wish to. It’s also important that you find a reputable public adjuster with a strong reputation and years of industry experience.

Have a consultation with the public adjuster you’re interested in and be prepared to ask questions. Some good questions to get you started are:

  • Are you licensed to practice public adjusting in the state of Florida?
  • Will you be handling my claim? If not, who will?
  • What are your construction estimating skills and level of experience?
  • Can you provide three references of local clients who were satisfied with your work?
  • What is your fee contract?

Contact Tri-County Public Adjusters 

If you’re filing residential insurance claims in Florida, contact our team. We have a proven track record of working hard for the maximum settlement, and we handle all claims with professionalism and dedication. Our team of public adjusters has diverse knowledge in the property claims field and can assist clients no matter where they are in the claims process.

Some of the cases we handle for our clients include:

  • Smoke and fire
  • Business interruption
  • Hurricane, tornado, and wind
  • Broken or burst pipes
  • Mold and mildew
  • Theft and vandalism

Contact us today for a public adjuster in Broward County. We look forward to working with you!

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