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How a Roof Leak Can Turn into Mold Damage

It can happen overnight: you go to bed with your beautiful living room in pristine condition and wake up to it destroyed with standing water on the ground. How could this have happened? Was it a branch? A loose roof tile? An animal? Unfortunately, living in Florida, a multitude of natural occurrences can cause your roof to leak. Whether it be a hurricane, tropical storm, or too much sun exposure, your roof takes a beating to protect you and your family. Repairing a roof can be costly, especially if structural and cosmetic damage is involved. And finding an experienced roofing company to assist can be a challenge. Luckily, Tri-County Public Adjusters offers much-needed assistance when fighting to get the most compensation for your roof damage claim.

Roof Leak Claims in Florida

With a solid roof over your head, you never think that Mother Nature can make her way into your home. Unfortunately, Mother Nature sometimes comes knocking on your roof, leaving a hole in your home. Tri-County Public Adjusters has a team with both experience and knowledge on how to best handle these types of insurance claims. 

Roof leak damages are a difficult claim because different insurance companies have different policies for how severe the roof leak is. When your home has suffered a roof leak, you’ll want to call a public adjuster in Florida like the ones we have here at Tri-County Public Adjusters.

By having Tri-County Public Adjusters assist with your claim, you can get the best settlement for your needs. 

Your claim can help you cover the following:

These repair issues are no joke and it’s not something you want to take lightly or go about the wrong way. We understand how extensive roof leak damages can be, which is why it’s crucial to settle roof leak damage claims quickly. If you leave a roof leak unattended, you run into the problem of allowing mold to grow on your property and creating further damage. 

Mold Damage Insurance Claims

Delaying to get a leaky roof patched up in a timely manner, could lead to mold growth. Mold damages are an interesting policy, as many insurance companies offer different policies depending upon how severe the damages are and the cause of the mold growth. The first step in ensuring you are compensated is to fully understand your insurance coverage for mold damage. 

By knowing your insurance coverage for mold damage, Tri-County Public Adjusters can perform a proper analysis so that you receive the maximum amount for your settlement. Mold damage claims can be hard to prove and insurance companies may not always offer you the best solution. Because of this, you’ll want to work with a mold damage claim expert who knows exactly how to hand the insurance companies to ensure you get the compensation you need to recover. 


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Tri-County Public Adjusters’ public adjusters can help you with your residential mold damage insurance claims by first analyzing your policy determine mold damage coverage. We will also help file the claim with your insurance company on your behalf. Our public adjusters will talk with all experts who the insurance company may send to inspect your property. We document the losses you incurred with photos and we gather an estimation to see the cost to bring your property back to its pre-loss condition. 

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