Becoming a homeowner is a huge accomplishment and milestone. Many people spend years saving money so that they can one day own their dream house. However, owning a home isn’t as simple as going through the home buying process, as if that’s even straightforward. The day you close on the house is the day you need to consider other things, such as property insurance. While property insurance is not mandatory in the state of Florida, it’s in homeowners’ best interest to have it. Your house is an asset and one of the most expensive things a person can own. It only makes sense to want to protect it through insurance. Living in Florida also comes with the risk of property damages, such as hurricane damage and water damage, among many others. Trust us when our public adjusters in Dade County say; you are going to want property insurance.


Coverage Varies


Homeowners’ insurance coverage varies from house to house. Some homeowners assume that the house coverage is automatically going to cover the market value of their home. But, that isn’t necessarily the case. You want the coverage of your house to cover everything because you never know what could happen. The best way to think about your house coverage is with this question; could your insurance coverage cover rebuild it with the same quality supplies and labor? If not, you may want to consider increasing coverage. Another thing you want to think about is if the insurance coverage will take care of your belongings. Your belongings can add up and get quite pricey in property damage emergencies.


You Can Get Discounts

A little property insurance hack is that you can get discounts. The idea behind having insurance is to protect your house during emergencies. When you notice property damage, the insurance company can have you fill out an insurance claim. From there, they can help you by compensating you. However, the more preventative methods you have in place, the less likely your home will face damages. For example, hurricane windows are known to reduce the cost of insurance. The same goes for houses with alarm systems.

Reviewing Your Policy Annually Can Benefit You

Your homeowner’s insurance should renew every year. However, that does not mean you should let it renew without giving it extra thought. You want to take a few minutes and review the policy again and ensure it meets your needs. Sometimes, our homes change and may require new forms of protection or even less protection. And if you made any changes that can provide additional protection to your house, you may be able to get a discount.

Shop Around Before You Buy

Before you purchased your house, you likely shopped around for some time.  Every homebuyer has a list of things they need their house to have. And while finding your dream house may not always be possible, finding a home that meets your needs is. And the same goes for homeowners insurance. You want to find an insurance company that will meet you halfway and covers everything you value. It may take some time, but you will be happy you didn’t settle, especially when you have damage and need public adjusters in Dade County.

Read the Policy Carefully

Reading the policy is vital! You need to know what your rights and responsibilities are as a homeowner. Reading the insurance policy as soon as you decide to purchase homeowners insurance can save you time in the future. It can also give you some idea of what is and is not covered. We know the document is long and contract-like, which is why a public adjuster Dade County can help. Our Tri-County Public Adjusters team can read your policy for you and fill you in on what it covers.


We Can Help!

Before you jump into a binding homeowners insurance contract, make sure you know what’s included in it. You want to make sure your investment in your home is sound and beneficial for you. Also, keep in mind that our public adjusters can help you by reading your contact. Or, we can assist with any property damages claims you may need to fill out. Click here ( to learn more about our homeowner services. Or give our team a call at (305) 506-1363.

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